How can we improve Zintro?

Improve both on "matching" and "NOT Missing"and switch to "Buyer Pulling Ads", NOT "Seller Pushing Ads"

This is a 15 year old idea raked by "Shake up at Yahoo March 29, 2012 By zintro"

The very approach of general advertizement is highly wasteful, particularly after the wide-spread deployment of IT and Search / Match capabilities.

I have an INVERTED ADVERTIZEMENT Process which operates on DEMAND-PULL instead of on PRODUCER-PUSH.

Many Internet, search, FETCH, companies can cut out all the intrusive and wasteful ads and charge the buyers of goods and services and also the Sellers for "PRECISIOIN MATCHING of NEEDS and MEANS".

email for details and take advantage of my INVERTED INNOVATIONS. My HyperPlex Precision Query-Response System would be the engine of NEW AD-FEE BUSINESS.

Something will anyway happen and for those who need to do something there are NO OPTIONS. Both the ACTIONS and TIMING must be decided and executed. What Yahoo is NOT doing can be done by Zintro.

Best wisehs,

At 1924 Hillman Ave, Belmont CA 94002
Tel 760-960-4860 (Manju) till 19April
(678) 348-6798 or 770 783 2749 from April 20-29,
Putcha V. Narasimham
Knowledge Enabler Systems (Kenablersys)

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    I thought I could edit it. Sorry for a few errors. I did not know it had to be Anonymous.

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