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Videos are Taking Over the Internet - Still Need Proof?

Why product demo videos are the ultimate must-have and how to make sure you don’t fall behind

In 1980, “The Buggles” released a single called “Video Killed the Radio Star”, which is prophetic and foreseeable at the same time. Even back then, it was obvious to people in the entertainment industry that the video format is hugely effective.

Later, it was time for marketing people and the advertisement bosses to learn about the advantages of a quality video. Nowadays, you couldn’t ignore the meaning of product demo videos – not even if you tried.


We dare say that in a couple of years, a company without decent visual story telling won’t be able to hold water. Here’s why (use these to convince your last century coworkers if you still have such):

1) By 2019, the total share of video content in the Internet traffic will reach 80% (see the annual CISCO report). This will include Internet videos, TV, VoD (video on demand) and P2P, and your business can profit from all of the above.

2) The level of trust and loyalty towards product websites with a video is skyrocketing compared to plain text and picture content. Ask the comic books creators: a story that takes twenty minutes to read is processed in just 300 seconds when visualized. You don’t want prospective customers to dismiss your product out of boredom before they even know you, do you?

3) Video hosting sites boast the fastest growth rates: the omnipresent YouTube, the alternative Vimeo, mainly used by creative class, the business-focused Wistia, the minimalistic yet powerful Viddler – dozens of them out there! Placing your explainer video on various sources multiplies your chance to attract new customers. By the way, did you know that the average viewing session on YouTube via mobile devices has reached 40 minutes lately? Up to 10 minutes of that time could have been yours. Think about it!

4) If your brand video stands out, is cunning and memorable, it has the chance to go viral – and shower you with gold, almost literally! The viral videos have the potential to create celebrities overnight; we are talking about brands as well. Budweiser’s “Wassup” campaign and the cutting-edge Red Bull stunts all around the world are quite convincing examples of that

5) More good news: you don’t need to strain your budget to get high-class video. The market is full of strong ambitious players who are able to create a top-notch promotional video for you at a reasonable price. We are one of them, by the way, and we are not afraid of the fierce competition: we know our strengths, we know the ins and outs of video production process and we also know how to use them to your benefit.

You might use the animation techniques or the classical shooting instruments, or go for whiteboard doodle animation - the choice of video portfolio concept is yours. Our task is to bridge your needs with your results.

Understanding the power of visual content on human psyche and using that power to your benefit – this is what turns a moderate business into a legendary one.

Anyways, we'd be happy to provide you with "A" grade video to help your business prosper.

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