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10 Things Publishers Need To Know About DFP

10 Things Publishers Need To Know About DFP

Here are the 10 things Publishers need to know about DFP. DoubleClick for Publishers is a comprehensive advertisement server used to manage advertisement in variety of platforms. It allows publishers to manage their ads on websites, mobile webpages, apps, and even games.
Here are 10 things that will help you understand what is DoubleClick and how to implement it.
1.10 Things Publishers Need to Know about DFP – Google DFP is an Ad server
10 things publishers need to know about

DoubleClick gives you an opportunity and freedom to serve ads based on your preferences and settings
2. 10 Things Publishers Need to Know about DFP- Any web publisher can use DoubleClick
Of course, if you meet the terms and conditions of the company.
3. 10 Things Publishers Need to Know about DFP – DFP does not require any sort of complicated and time-consuming set ups!
Go through this link to sign up to DoubleClick for Publishers. The only thing that you need to have is an active AdSense account. After, you need to decide which one of the available accounts is the most suitable for your business.
4. 10 Things Publishers Need to Know about DFP – DFP offers two types of accounts: DFP Small Business and DFP Premium Solution
DFP Small Business is completely free and self-managed server that enables publisher to manage their ads. While it is free, it has some limitations.
5.10 Things Publishers Need to Know about DFP – DFP Small Business is for businesses that does not exceed 90 million monthly impressions
So if you are a large publisher with complicated sales operation our next point is just for you.
10 Things Publishers Need to Know About DFP
6. 10 Things Publishers Need to Know about DFP – DFP Premium Solution provides greater variety of features and customization.

Here you don’t have any restrictions on the number of impressions that you can deliver. The other advantage of the premium account is of course a better service for DFP Support team.
7. 10 Things Publishers Need to Know about DFP – DFP Small Business is completely free, while DFP Premium Solution is not
DFP Small Business allows you to manage your absolutely ad free of charge. DFP Premium Solution, on the other hand, requires you to pay for additional ad serving volume.
8. 10 Things Publishers Need to Know about DFP – After choosing the account that best serves your needs, DFP requires authentication

The authentication allows third-part applications to interact with web services. It also gives permission to user’s DFP client application to access user’s DFP without the need of username or password.
9. 10 Things Publishers Need to Know about DFP – After setting your account, you need to choose the compatible ad network for your website
The key to success in the DoubleClick is the right targeting of your ads. Choosing when, where and to whom your ads appear is crucial as it is the main factor that helps you gain positive income.

10. Get help from Chase Media LLC
10 things publishers need to know about DFP
While setting up the account might sound easy, controlling and managing it is a complicated process that require skills and experience. Our consulting company is eager to help you avoid wasting resources and efforts while managing your account. Our highly skilled and experienced professionals will guide you through the process of starting your business in ad network and will give your tips and tricks to successfully earn money.

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