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How To Run Social Media Campaign

How to run successful social media campaign (Part 1)
It’s time for some social media marketing tips to get you started and lead you on the right path. Most marketers and businesses start social media marketing, run with it for a while, and then get stuck. Because, they don’t see the extraordinary results the social media gurus out there promised and aren’t sure what to do next or how to proceed further.
1. Have a Plan Before You Begin
I know it sounds cliche. You might be bored of hearing me say it more than a few occasions. As I said above, many marketers start social media marketing and abandon it even quicker than they began to just because they didn’t have a plan. They thought starting is good enough to get the results. Unfortunately, it isn’t. You need to know where you want to go to choose the right path to travel. (Dallas SEO Consultant)
To succeed at social media, you need to have a plan.
2. Have a Plan for Each Social Media Platform
Even though the concept of social media remains the same, each social media channel is different. Because, people use them for various reasons. I use Facebook for a set of reasons, Twitter for an entirely different set of reasons, and LinkedIn for some reasons. That’s why different channels need different plans of their own.
Posting the same update on all social networks and having the same plan for all will not help your goals. So, take a moment to think about what you want to achieve from the social channels you want to focus and plan accordingly.
3. Don’t Take Shortcuts
It’s kinda boring and disappointing to see the fan counts trickle slowly at the beginning and getting no likes or shares on the post you’ve worked hard. It’ll be tempting to get 1000s of fans and followers overnight and get 100s of likes. If you’re a social media marketer, your boss will even ask you to buy more fans and likes.
Dallas SEO Consultant
The number of fans and likes won’t matter if they don’t belong to your target audience. It wouldn’t help your social growth and goals. It’s OK to struggle at the beginning to build your fan base than failing entirely with fake fans and likes. So, resist the temptation to grow overnight.
4. Monitor Your Competitors
If your competitors are already on social media, monitor them. Look at:
 What they post
 Who they follow
 Who follow them
 When they post
 How frequent they post
 What’s their headline and call-to-action
 Their hit posts
And keep track of them.
The purpose is to understand what they do, why they do, and how they do. Learn what works for them and your audience. Don’t try to copy them. Your audience doesn’t want to see another me-too post on their social timeline. Use the data and learnings to device a strategy to get better results. Dallas SEO Consultant
5. Be Helpful
The purpose of the social media is to be a community and help each other through sharing the content and knowledge. Successful brands are the ones that are focused on helping their audience to live better. Everyone knows this, but only a few actually practice it. Businesses and marketers want to stand out from the crowd and to do so they focus on talking about them – how they are better than their competitors, how their products or services are superior to others, and so on.
Unfortunately, that doesn’t work.
You become a better brand, a brand your audience would love, and want to do business with, by showing them that you care about them. And you want to make their lives better and your service or products geared towards it. It can only happen when they trust, and the trust will come only when you help them.
So no matter what you do, make sure it is helpful to your audience.
6. Pick What You Share
You want to post regularly and frequently. You want to make sure you appear on your audience’s timeline. You want your content to be seen, liked, and shared. You might be tempted to post a lot hoping that it will help your cause. No, it won’t help you.
The social media is loaded with too much of information. People are overwhelmed by it. They don’t want more content. They want better content. They want quality content that either entertains or educates them. That’s your key to success. Stop producing more of mediocre content that no one will like or share and start producing content your audience will love.
7. Drive Interest With Variety
So, you’ve great content that’s helpful and entertaining to your audience. How will you deliver it to your audience? Of course, you can always go with the regular text-based post – a well-crafted article. But, delivering the content in the same format will be boring and will reduce the impact of the content.
You wouldn’t want to eat the same food every time even though it’s good for you, right? You need to add some variety to the format to ensure your audiences are interested in what you are posting.
How can you do it?
 Post pictures and photos.
 Record a podcast detailing your experience or interviews.
 Record or share interesting videos. People love videos.
 Create awesome looking, and information filled infographics.
But don’t try to do everything. You start with any two types of content you’re comfortable with and then expand to other types as you grow.
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