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Color clothing: Remove difficult spots efficiently

Have you ever discovered a garment that has been ruined by tough spots because of the spills during meals? If yes then you know how depressing it is to lose a beautiful garment that you loved the most. Removing the stubborn stains from colored clothing will now be very simple with the following tricks that we present to rescue your clothes from oil stains, grease, coffee and many more. You can also know how to eliminate the musty smell of clothes. These tricks can also be executed by your maids in Mumbai if she understands their correct use.
Red wine
Let a few drops of red wine do not ruin the clothes you have put on for that special occasion. The vinegar will save you again. All you have to do is rinse your clothes with vinegar to get rid of the stain. Although it sounds strange, put the garment in the refrigerator for a few hours and then wash it normally.
You can also use milk to remove wine stains. What you should do is rub the stain with a cloth moistened with milk making circular movements. Let dry outdoors, rinse and wash normally. You will no longer have to go to a professional to eliminate these types of spots.
Did the pen ink stain your clothes? These tricks can help you make the ink disappear from your clothes.
With a cotton and isopropyl alcohol you will be able to eliminate the ink of your garment. Moisten the cotton with alcohol and rub gently over the stain. Wipe with absorbent towels to dry and repeat the procedure until the spots disappear.
The milk will again be the one that removes the ink from the clothes. It will be very easy, you just have to submerge your garment in the milk and let it soak for a few hours. Remove and let dry, wash normally and the ink stain will have disappeared. You do not have to keep looking for how to remove stubborn stains on colored clothing.

Coffee Stains
They become a nightmare to eliminate them but with these simple tricks you can get rid of coffee stains. We present two tricks for you to leave your clothes clean and without traces of stains.
The first one is with an egg yolk, dilute it in water and rub directly on the stain. It will disappear yes or yes. Rinse with plenty of water and wash normally. Goodbye to coffee stains!
The second trick to know how to remove coffee stains is to use lemon juice. Meet the perfect ally for cleaning: lemon. To make the stain disappear all you have to do is apply directly the lemon juice on the garment. Wait about an hour for the clothes to absorb the lemon. Wash normally in your washing machine. Remember that you should read the instructions for washing your clothes that come on the labels to know the cycle you should use in the washing machine. The stain will be gone and your garment will be as good as new!
Oil or Grease
How to remove stubborn stains on colored clothing is a tiring job but with the right tricks it can become an easy task. Oil or grease stains can also be removed from your favorite garments. We tell you two ways to do it:
If you have detected the spot at the right time you will need a little talcum powder to eliminate it. Apply talcum powder on the stain and let it dry. It absorbs the stain in a very short time. Mix water and detergent and wash the area with a toothbrush.
If you detect oil or grease stains on the clothes of the youngest ones and some time has already passed, you can turn to vinegar as an effective solution. As for the way to use vinegar to remove this type of stains mix two parts of vinegar with a part of water in a bowl. Soak the clothes with spots overnight to make the vinegar function. Next, wash the area of ​​the stain with soap. No more oil or grease stains on your clothes!
Nail polish stains
They can be the most difficult spots to remove but you should try the following tricks to eliminate nail polish from your clothes. Try to remove the stain with removes enamels very carefully. You must place absorbent paper on the stain and act on the inside of the garment. Moisten a cotton ball with varnish remover and apply on the stain.
You will be able to eliminate the stain on the kitchen paper. Rinse the garment with water and place again on absorbent paper for the rest of the stain. Wash with special detergent to remove stains and the stain will be gone. You can try the same procedure but using olive oil or a little thinner. Remember to try the products previously in a hidden area of ​​your garment to see if it does not damage it.
So are you ready to save your next garment from those tough stains?

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