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How I Learned Not To Fear Russia and Made Lots of Money

How I Learned Not To Fear Russia and Made Lots of Money by Stanislov-Krapivnik

Many business executives have looked towards Russia and have wandered….is it worth it…and then they switched on CNN or Bloomberg or picked up the NY Times or the Economist and got a fill of Russophobia. This is a horrible way to base key business decisions on but unfortunately, this is how many if not most initial such decisions are made in the context of Russia.

Like any possible target for overseas business expansion, those looking at Russia need to go through several key steps.

Flush the stereotypes down the drain…especially those that deal with Russia, as they are often 20-30 years behind reality.
Do key distance research. This should be non-emotionally, mass media information, such as the Ease of Doing Business ratings or other abstract economic publications.
Do research on the spot. While this may include meeting a possible key supplier or customer or partner, this should be done more to the reality of the country and region in which you are considering working. This is a form of business tourism and should be done with a knowledgeable guide.
Hire a sound representative to help develop the base for your market entry. This should be a person who understands not just English and Russian but one who also soundly understands both cultures, particularly business cultures. If this person already has a range of market contacts, all the better.
Use your contact person to find partners to help you enter the market if you are moving in to sell or build and suppliers if you are seeking to source.
With your new found partners in a Joint Venture, begin your market entry…good luck.
While this can of course be done with in house resources, without a proper guide/representative, chances of success are severely lowered. So why take the chance, when Step 3-5 are absolutely crucial to any success?

I am one such experienced person, with vast market contacts and ability to generate more as needed. A person with full understanding of Western corporate culture as well as Russian corporate culture and the experience to back it.

So if you are looking to make this positive and crucial move, do not delay, now really are the times to grab the reins, times that have not been here since the early 90s. I can be reached at


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    a very stupid and unprofessional person.
    tells stories about himself and pretends to be an expert in Russia, but he isn't!

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