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Customer side renewable energy generation has gone from being a fad to becoming a viable option for customers to reduce/stabilize their electricity costs. However, there are a plethora of things that can go wrong with a renewable generation project: from selecting inadequate technologies for the site to contracting with the wrong vendor to entering into a poor power purchase agreement to paying too much for the project to shoddy construction to changes in utility rate design that can quickly obliterate any energy savings. This short course will provide you with the basics on what types of renewable generation are available, how to evaluate your site for renewable generation, and how to protect yourself so that you have a successful renewable energy project.

This course will cover:
- Types of renewable generation: characteristics, applications, and representative costs
- Site evaluation for renewable generation
- Incentives for renewable generation
- Ownership options: Power Purchase Agreements vs. direct ownership
- Utility interconnection and rate impacts
- Successful solicitation development
- Evaluation of offers/solicitation responses
- Negotiations with vendors to get what you want and protect yourself
- Things to watch out for/ how to protect yourself
- utility interconnection
- utility rate design
- renewable performance
- Evaluation of renewable project operations

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