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Zintro Success Stories

Zintro is a highly versatile platform that can be used for many purposes

With over 40,000 experts across all industry sectors and 10,000 clients ranging from consultants to operating managers to entrepreneurs to lawyers to investors, Zintro has many success stories. Some examples:

  • A biotech CEO found recombinant DNA experts
  • A market research found a former industry executive to give the “lay of the land” in the specialties chemical industry.
  • A coal mine operator in New Zealand found a “best practices” coal mine safety auditor.
  • An entrepreneur found a biochemist to do a viability study on a new product idea.
  • A defense attorney found a “blood spatter analysis” expert for a murder trial.
  • A hedge fund manager found a forensic accountant.

The list goes on and on…

Of course, “success” is measured in different ways for different Zintro users

Clients (expert-seekers) are typically looking to solve a business or technical problem. Sometimes success is simply finding a few experts to answer a market research question over the phone. Other times, it involves the hiring of experts for long-term engagements.

Experts (client-seekers) are typically viewing Zintro as a low-cost (often times free) way to generate leads for their business from an alternative marketing channel. Success is usually measured by paid client engagement. Sometimes these experts are seeking to simply stay plugged into their industry and do an occasional industry-expertise call. Others are looking for consulting projects or up-sell opportunities for other services or products. Engagements have ranged from $200 paid phone consults to $100,000 software development projects.

Recently, with the permission of the Client and/or Expert, we have started to publish some of the success stories.

Click here to see recent (updated regularly) User Success Stories

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