Zintro's Legal Documents

The following outlines Zintro's legal documents and guidelines for Clients, Experts, and other Users. If you have any questions about these documents or anything else, please feel free to call 617-936-0140 or email us at business@zintro.com.

Zintro User Agreement:  This is the primary legal agreement for all Zintro users. It includes: 

- Definition Terms of Service for using the Zintro web-site, even if not a registered user.
- Terms for the Zintro Platform and Zintro's Recruiting Services for engaging consultants and/or hiring employees.
- Fee rates for using Zintro for engaging consultants and/or hiring employees.
- Terms for Clients and Experts opting to enter into Service Contracts (supplemental to the Zintro User Agreement).
- Guidelines for Experts and Clients about prohibited consults, confidential information, insider trading, restricted activities and other activities.

Zintro’s Privacy Policy:  Describes Zintro's Privacy Policy.

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