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What kind of compliance framework does Zintro offer?


  • Requires Experts to sign off on Zintro’s Expert Terms & Conditions.
  • Requires Experts to agree to abide by Zintro’s Expert Guidelines.
  • Requires Clients to sign off on Zintro’s Client Terms & Conditions.
  • Provides tools which enables Clients & Experts to form a direct & binding agreement. Clients, for example, can require Experts to fill out standard Zintro Disclosures (e.g. I am (or have been in the last 6 months) an employee of, consultant for, contractor for, board member or otherwise an affiliate of the following companies?). Experts have to certify their responses to these Disclosures before participating in a Consult.
  • Provides a complete audit trail of all communications between Client & Expert.
  • Zintro Clients with a Corporate Account can also incorporate (and require sign-off by Experts) their firm’s own Compliance Terms & Conditions, display Recitals that need to be read to Expert in advance of the call, and even automate the process of notifying the firm’s Compliance Officer of pending Expert Consults. Click here to learn more about Zintro Corporate Accounts.

See Zintro’s Legal Documents for specifics.

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