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What is Zintro's value-add to the community?

Zintro has made and continues to make a significant investment aggregating clients & experts, building & maintaining a sophisticated software platform, providing customer support, and overall, making sure that a high quality user-experience is delivered. More specifically…

Zintro invests heavily to aggregate world-class Experts & Clients

Zintro is a classic two sided market. It takes a large pool of high quality experts to draw in and deliver value to Clients. And, it takes a steady flow of high quality Inquiries to draw in and keep in Experts. Zintro has made and continues to make a large investment in building the critical mass of both sides of the market

Experts. Zintro’s Expert pool goes beyond a database of subject-matter experts – it is a database of subject-matter experts THAT HAVE OPTED IN TO RECEIVE ALGORITHMICALLY MATCHED INQUIRIES. This is important because, with Zintro, you are assured you will get timely and quality responses to Inquiries in every industry sector.

Clients. Client Inquiries (ie. projects) are the scarce ingredient of this business. In fact, it is a lot more expensive to source Inquiries than it is to source Experts (even though the “shelf-life” of an Inquiry is much shorter).

Zintro invests heavily to source Experts and Inquiries through search marketing (PPC, SEO), ongoing social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) exploration, incentivized referrals, partnerships and affiliate relationships, telesales, public relations, and repeat usage by existing user-base. It is a slow, time-consuming, and expensive process. The bottom line is that Zintro brings scale and efficiency to Expert and Client acquisition. The benefit to our users is that this large expense is shared by a broad base of users.

The Zintro platform is a sophisticated software application that required (and continues to require) many man-years of development and ongoing maintenance

The leverage in the Zintro business model comes from the sophisticated software platform that lies at the heart of the business. Some of the functionality includes:

  • A sophisticated matching algorithm for Inquiries and Experts that “understands” related keywords (eg. “PV” is related to “Photovoltaics”)
  • Payment processing (inbound payments, escrow, outbound payments, 1099 tax reporting)
  • Compliance tool that enables Clients or Experts to dynamically define Yes/No questions which become an extension of the Terms & Conditions
  • Corporate Account support
  • Affiliate & Private-label integration support
  • Search-engine friendly design (which increases Zintro’s “authority” with Google and other search engines)
  • Spam, Scam, and “bad Inquiry” filtering process
  • 2-way (Client & Expert) communication system which supports optional anonymity
  • A secure data infrastructure
  • A conference calling bridge
  • Extensive documentation on “best practices” for Experts and Clients.
  • Protective Terms & Conditions
  • An Expert rating process (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Dispute resolution tools

…and much, much more.

Zintro runs a professional and high-integrity community

As an open platform, anyone (Client or Expert) can come in. For that reason, it is very important that Zintro staff are there to make sure that the community runs smoothly, professionally, and with high integrity.

For example, Zintro staff (aided with software tools) try to look out for spam, scams, and other junk that can come from new users not understanding (or intentionally trying to bypass) the rules of the site.

In addition to playing enforcer, the Zintro team also tries to help users be successful with the platform with “Inquiry assistance” (adding keywords to Inquiries to help the matching algorithm), dispute resolution, and overall quick-turnaround customer support.

Our goal is to bring high quality to every aspect of the Zintro experience. We work hard to help our users be successful.

Get the most out of the Zintro platform by upgrading to Premium

We are striving to make Zintro a world-class platform. So, to get the most out of Zintro AND to support our initiative, please consider upgrading to Premium (takes just a minute).

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