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How can I get promoted to be a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Expert?

When Clients post an Inquiry on Zintro, they typically received 6 – 12 responses from Experts. How are they supposed to differentiate between these Experts? Of course, the first thing they do is look at the Expert’s profile include bio, employment history, areas of expertise, etc. Often times, that is enough to get them to take the next step – initiate contact with the Expert. However, Clients are always seeking further validation. That is why Zintro has a rating system:

Zintro rates Experts Bronze, Silver, or Gold based on the following factors:

  • Quality of Expert’s profile
  • # of successful on-platform consults.
  • Quantitative & Qualitative Feedback from Clients. After every Zintro (connection), Clients are polled by Zintro about the quality of the call.
  • Quality contributions to Zintro blog and other disseminated Zintro content
  • Promotion of Zintro on social media (your web-site, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)

So how can you, as an Expert, get promoted to one of these higher levels?

  • Optimize your profile
  • Win as many on-platform consults (that are relevant to your areas of expertise) as possible – even if that means occasionally not charging for consults.
  • Show up for consults on time and properly prepared.
  • Promise less and deliver more in your consults.
  • Contribute content to Zintro’s blog (either responding to “Zintro Q&A” Inquiries sent by Zintro’s writers or by sending blog posts to .
  • Promote Zintro on your web-site, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Sign up as a Premium Expert – Zintro does not “sell” ratings. However, Premium Experts are guaranteed to have their profiles reviewed on a timely basis (typically within one or two weeks).

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