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The Zintro Vision

There are two important macro trends:

1. Increasing need for highly specialized experts.  Companies of all sizes are moving into new markets, employing new technologies, new supply chains and new just about everything. As a result, these companies need expertise that cannot be found among their existing employees or on their existing consultant lists. These companies need to tap into a new set of highly specialized experts.

2. Many of the most qualified experts do not work for large companies. They are dispersed around the globe working as independent consultants or as part of small firms. They tend to source most of their business through referrals, don’t advertise, and as a result, can be difficult to find.

Zintro stands at the intersection of these two trends, fueling the expertise economy.

Zintro is a global online marketplace that connects companies with highly specialized consultants and other expertise providers.  One can liken Zintro to an “Angie’s List for the corporate world”, but instead of using it to find a plumber, a company uses it to find a semiconductor fabrication consultant or an SAP implementation specialist or a thought leader in fracking of the Marcellus Shale deposit or a law firm specializing in doing business in China. In fact, Zintro has over 100,000 experts spread across 10,000 highly specialized areas of expertise, spanning all industry sectors and geographies. Projects on Zintro range from one hour market research calls to multi-month onsite engagements to even full-time hires.

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