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How does Zintro pay me?

If you successfully complete a paid consult on Zintro you will be paid within a couple of days (contractually we have 14 days to pay you but usually are much faster). You can choose to be paid by PayPal or check:

Payment by PayPal

We recommend you receive payment by PayPal. It is typically faster and easier.

  • Note: PayPal will deduct a small fee (varies based on multiple factors such as the country at which you are receiving the funds) but typically does not exceed 1 – 3%.
  • If you prefer to receive payment in any currency other than USD, you should always choose PayPal.
  • It is free and only takes a couple minutes to sign up for a PayPal account. Click here to go to PayPal web-site.

Payment by Check

Zintro can also pay you by check. Please note: at this point in time, Zintro can only write USD denominated checks. If you prefer to be paid in another currency, you should choose the PayPal option.

Updating your Payment Method

To update the way you prefer to be paid:

  • Mouse over ME on the top right corner of Zintro.
  • Click on MY ACCOUNT.
  • Go to Payment Method (for receiving payments) section of page
  • Add/Update your Payment Method

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