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Referral Program - Share on Zintro and get up to $1000

Forward any email, share any link or post from Zintro to social networks and get up to $1000 if your referral results in a hire. Also, for every qualified referral, even if they are not hired, you will be upgraded to Featured Expert for one month (a $150 value).

Are you already a Featured Expert? No problem. For every confirmed referral we will extend your membership for a month. Sharing links and forwarding emails to relevant acquaintances can virtually make you a Featured Expert indefinitely for free.

You can share any project, phone consult or job on Zintro and we will automatically track it back to you. You can click on the Share buttons, copy and paste any URL or forward any email you receive from us.

If any of your referrals results in a hire you will get:

$100 if a Phone Consult
$250 if a Project
$1000 if a Job

Offer valid for one year after the signup of the referred Zintro Expert. Offer void if the identity of the referrer can not be verified. Referrer and Referred users must be different individuals and/or companies with full Zintro profiles.

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