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Making Payments to Experts

As a client on Zintro you can send direct payments to experts or you can ask for a quote and then submit a payment, it is up to you!

Method 1: Direct Payment

1. Go to your conversation with the expert

2. Click the $ icon to open the payment form

3. Enter a message, the payment amount, your payment method information and click SEND MESSAGE

Once you complete a payment on the platform, your payment method will be saved for future transactions. You can manage your payment methods from MY ACCOUNT.

4. All payments throughthe platform include the benefits of our escrow service

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the provided service or would like to cancel your payment, click REQUEST CANCELLATION. Write us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

5. Once the expert has delivered the service, or whenever you are ready to release the payment, click RELEASE PAYMENT TO EXPERT

Method 2: Accepting a Quote

1. An Expert submits a quote to you

In this case, I already have a saved payment method. If you have not made a payment before you will have to enter your payment method information. You can manage your payment methods from MY ACCOUNT.

2. Select and existing payment method or add a new one and click ACCEPT QUOTE

3. The process is identical to Method 1 after this. See step 4 above

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