1. compel your clients to provide more background on the project for which they need experts.  ·  completed

  2. Zintro needs better control of the status of projects posted and responses.  ·  started

  3. There should be an option to delete a response I send to an inquiry  ·  under review

  4. Allow Experts to see how many clients have seen their profile to determine if they need to change thier profile because there is no interest  ·  planned

  5. Client should be able to edit their Inquiry after sending  ·  completed

  6. It should be free until a collaboration really took place  ·  completed

  7. What Trends Changed in the Measured Marketing Index of Quantified Sales Response

  8. Ensure protection of usage experts data without paying compensation

  9. Why Messengers are Winning Over Social Media? 5 Main Reasons

  10. What are the Responsibilities of DFP?

  11. Respond to the questions/support requests within a decent period of time  ·  completed

  12. Add TOOLS menu to initial response  ·  under review

  13. Data Entry Company

  14. Ligher Website & Mobile App/Mobile Website Version  ·  completed

  15. Inquiries are not relevant to my expertise  ·  completed

  16. I have responded multiple times to inquiries and only once received any response at all. No work of any kind. Can I get feedback as to why?  ·  declined

  17. Benefits Of Outsourcing Medical Data Entry

  18. I wish the site was easier to navigate  ·  completed

  19. Why you should create your branded messaging app

  20. Data Center vs Cloud

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