1. Zintro needs better control of the status of projects posted and responses.  ·  started

  2. compel your clients to provide more background on the project for which they need experts.  ·  completed

  3. There should be an option to delete a response I send to an inquiry  ·  under review

  4. Allow Experts to see how many clients have seen their profile to determine if they need to change thier profile because there is no interest  ·  planned

  5. Client should be able to edit their Inquiry after sending  ·  completed

  6. What Trends Changed in the Measured Marketing Index of Quantified Sales Response

  7. It should be free until a collaboration really took place  ·  completed

  8. Ensure protection of usage experts data without paying compensation

  9. What are the Responsibilities of DFP?

  10. Why Messengers are Winning Over Social Media? 5 Main Reasons

  11. Add TOOLS menu to initial response  ·  under review

  12. Respond to the questions/support requests within a decent period of time  ·  completed

  13. Ligher Website & Mobile App/Mobile Website Version  ·  completed

  14. Inquiries are not relevant to my expertise  ·  completed

  15. I have responded multiple times to inquiries and only once received any response at all. No work of any kind. Can I get feedback as to why?  ·  declined

  16. I wish the site was easier to navigate  ·  completed

  17. EMR Conversion Hurdles: Merging Data from Multiple Sources

  18. Smart Data Distancing – A necessity or another fancy word?

  19. Why you should create your branded messaging app

  20. Data Privacy - Rules for Domestic and International Sellers

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