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The Evolution and Downfall Our Police Departments

Since the early 1700’s populations in the United States have had some form of “Night Watch”, “Town Watch” or Constable to help provide gaps in protection that the locally armed citizenry could not do. Early Americans did not depend on their police departments to protect them from each and every ill in society of the day, they instead wanted their police officers to maintain the class systems that were in place with early settlers and help with the protection of private property when the citizenry could not. The use of police type organizations such as the Pinkertons, the Mint Police, US Parks Police as well as U.S. Marshall’s in the early days helped establish law and order and provide the early established respect for law enforcement officers and the dangers they faced from the many dangers in our very untamed early country and westward settlements.
Fast forward to the 21st century and take a hard and long look at any police or sheriff’s department in this country and you will find it under siege. And when I say under siege I mean just that, they have the constant pressure applied to them by race baiting attorneys, news organizations that fail to do their due diligence and seek the truth of any given police situation, internal affairs departments who in their haste to calm what is seen as racial tension, go after law abiding, policy minding police officers with a vengeance for the sake of perceived fairness, and the ever Monday morning quarterbacking public that gobbles up the downfall of one of its protectors with a soda and pizza.
I spent the better part of 12 years patrolling the streets of Los Angeles In the divisions of Rampart and Southeast and constantly walked the line of being a perceived racist cop, although I was a black police officer, I watched untold numbers of officers adopt the drive and wave approach to police work due to the harsh, unbalanced and out of whack internal investigations that could and did derail their careers often times based on misperception of a police officer’s authority and the departments lack of ability and unwillingness to explain such to the general public.

The downfall of our police departments will be swift and permanent, and will leave a whole class of people defenseless and unprotected if as Americans we don’t collection take steps to defend our officers when they are in the right and have the absolute authority to conduct the kind of policing they are sworn to do and rout out any police officer that is failing to protect and serve citizens with the zeal and zest that they would protect their very own family members. Let’s get something straight, not every black person shot by a white officer is a victim, because there are black males that carry guns illegally on our streets, they do fight with police officers when confronted with arrest and then look to illicit the sympathy of the general public by crying foul when injured or killed by the police for their aggressive and illegal actions, and what do you know this exact same chain of events occurs in the white community also, but the visceral negative reaction to same events in different neighborhoods is the main cause of the downfall of our police departments.
Mark my words, if we as a society continue to scapegoat our police, prop up our most vile criminals and violators and scatter reasonable discussion and discourse to the wind, then what we may find when we wake up one morning, is the disbanding of police departments nationwide and the return to self-preservation, self-protection and self-governance. And how many of you in this nanny state are really ready for that?

Written By
Warren Pulley
Military Veteran
Former Law Enforcement Officer
CEO of RyPul Threat Assessments

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