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  1. 1099 Tax Reporting

  2. Are there legal issues using Zintro?

  3. Bronze, Silver, Gold Experts - How are they different?

  4. Can I be BOTH a Client and an Expert?

  5. Can I browse through Inquiries on the Zintro Platform?

  6. Can I show Zintro Inquiries and Experts in my website?

  7. Client Best Practices - Tips for writing a high quality Inquiry

  8. Contact Information

  9. Do you have an App for iOS?

  10. Escrow Service

  11. Expert Best Practices - Get the most out of Zintro

  12. How can I get promoted to be a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Expert?

  13. How do I become a Zintro Client (expert-seeker)?

  14. How do I become a Zintro Expert (client-seeker)?

  15. How do I cancel (suspend) my account?

  16. How do I post an Inquiry?

  17. How do I respond to an Expert who responded to me?

  18. How do I respond to an Inquiry

  19. How do I update my Payment Methods (for paying or receiving payments)

  20. How does Zintro pay me?

  21. How does Zintro work?

  22. How is it different when I receive an Inquiry from a Premium Client vs. a Basis Client?

  23. How much should I offer to pay for an Expert-consult?

  24. How should an independent consultant determine his/her hourly rate?

  25. How to I get in contact with Zintro's customer support?

  26. I am not receiving email notifications

  27. I am receiving inquiries that are not related to my expertise. What to do?

  28. I lost my password. How do I get a new one?

  29. Is my information safe on Zintro?

  30. Making Payments to Experts

  31. Password Recovery

  32. Referral Program - Share on Zintro and get up to $1000

  33. Should I charge for the first call?

  34. Strategies for converting inquiries into engagements - "start a dialog"

  35. Thank Experts for responding

  36. The Zintro Vision

  37. What are the benefits of Hiring Plans?

  38. What are the benefits of upgrading to Featured Expert?

  39. What are the uses for Zintro?

  40. What is the daily response limit and how can I raise it?

  41. What is the Queue?

  42. What is Zintro's value-add to the community?

  43. What kind of compliance framework does Zintro offer?

  44. Why are so many Experts willing to do a first call for free?

  45. Why haven't I heard back from Clients?

  46. Why is my account suspended?

  47. Zintro Fee Schedule

  48. Zintro Overview

  49. Zintro Success Stories


  51. Privacy Policy

  52. Zintro's Legal Documents

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