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Are you going round in circles trying to search for a good essay topic? Or are you feeling lost by not getting hold of any brilliant essay ideas? Given below are 50 essay topics that may help you to write your paper, or by browsing through them you may get some new ideas of your own. So check them out before you proceed any further.

50 essay topics covering various essay types and subjects:

Controversial essay topics

1. Should Mr. George Bush be tried for war crimes, similar to the tribunals set for the Nazi criminals?

2. Are the human rights only valid for criminals, murderers and terrorists?

3. Are the UN sanctions on Iran correct, or do they smell of injustice and forced interference in the internal matters of a country by the big bullies?

4. Is there any thing called a ‘good Taliban’? or is this one way to compromise with the terrorists and give them the message they they are invincible and cannot be defeated?

5. Spare the rod and spoil the child- is the proverb correct in today’s world.

6. legalizing abortion

7. legalizing euthanasia

8. pre marital sex

9. business ethics/ medical ethics- are they really important in today’s world?

10. should gay couples be allowed to adopt?

Compare and contrast essay topics

1. Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig as the ex-bond and the current-bond in the James Bond movie.

2. Two aspects of natural beauty – the sea side and the mountains.

3. The book- Gone with the Wind and the movie- Gone with the Wind.

4. traditional form of teaching and the new online classes.

5. youth and old age.

Cause and effect essay

1. causes of environmental pollution and the after effects.

2. effects of parental pressure to excel in studies

3. peer pressure effects

4. effects of racial and religious discrimination

5. effects on young adolescents of always having too much ready cash to spend, or if other words, children of rich parents, what causes them to be wayward and uncontrollable.

6. loss of ecological diversity and balance and the after effects

Biological essay topics

1. Evolution of man as biologically evidenced.

2.Ecological balance and changing pattern of climate worldwide.

3. Various diseases like HIV- AIDS, deep vein thrombosis,hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis all are extremely interesting to work upon and have a lot of facts and data to present if the writer does a deep research in to the subjects

4.Cancer research paper would be interesting and easy to write on with loads of data available on this topic.

5.Stem cell research paper – a paper dealing with this latest focus in the life science branch would make for an interesting write up.

6. A paper on DNA cloning.

7. Papers on Obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease.

8. Surgeries will be one very interesting topic to work on. It can be cosmetic surgeries, Bariatric surgeries or whatever the researcher feels is attractive and compelling to work on.

9.Obesity can be chosen to work upon as it slowly becoming a problem which is affecting the teenagers

Sociology paper topics

1. gender inequality as portrayed by the media in its various advertisements

2. Reasons and outcomes of teenage depression.

3.Racism and social inequality

4.Media’s role in socialization

5. Child labor.

6. terrorism essay depicting its probable social causes.

History paper topics

1. The ancient civilzatons of the worls like the Egyptian civilization. Mayan civilization, Indus valley civilzation or the Mesoptamian civilization.

2. Ancient Rome/China / India

3.Greek civilization

4. Rise and advent of Christianity/ Islam

5. Discussion on the older religions like Hinduism, Buddhism,Jainism or Judaism

6. Civil war in America and its significance

7. American war of independence

8. World war I and II and their aftermath

9. The great Depression.

10. A famous personality from history like Napoleon, Abraham Lincoln etc. can be chosen and a research upon and his life and works can be conducted.

Persuasive essay topics

1. Art should only entertain ; it should not be a vehicle for social change.

2. Morality is nothing but lack of courage and opportunity.

3. Fashion world with their reed thin models is promoting Anorexia nervosa in teenagers

4. Prostitution should be legalized.

5. Creative people are answerable only to their art and not to the society.

The above given 50 essay topics will help you to pick a theme that will suit your need and subject. If not, it will help you to get some new ideas and move in the right direction.

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