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Resurrect fair customs and duty for importers, end free trade (virtual slavery)

During bush and Clinton admin, NAFTA,,the free trade with China saw our manufacturing infrastructure and most small family businesses lost to financial magnates and NYSE predatory gangs who deported our jobs into salve nations.

The result on jobs for our youth has been devastating to our economy and American way of life. It's time to end his charade of lawmakers destroying our independence for cash from lobbies who write up laws for their client. The world class mafia, headed up by the federal reserve system currently forcing a Talmudic communistic system to replace our once independent country.

Time changes all things, Only truth survives time.

Lest we perish at the ill of anarchy from a common people our youth who bear witness to America class division, the blunt force of communism facing a life without hope, joblessness, a classist society where the lower rungs of nobility are filled its economic refugees, like paper doctors, filthy motels, and food stamp cash redemption for 50 cents on the dollar, phony lotteries, outdated/redated rotting foods.t
Immigration board adjudicators selling asylum for cash, legal-medical-insurancefraud-extortion mafia forced on us by the gangsters in pseudo elected government.

Constitutional revolution resurrecting the United States of America with openended referendum sorted out by A.I..

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  • Carlos A. Gorricho commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    NAFTA = North American Free Trade Agreement...

    ...that is, Canada, USA and Mexico. China bears no part in NAFTA.

  • Jackie Cox commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This comment about the removal of our business sector during the phase of an open talmudic economic model in the USA leaving ćommon people with a worsening job sector without much demand for a declining manufacturing sector was not seemingly an issue important enough to allow other to view.,is this because Zintro is an element of the new talmudic business model currently in existence in th United States of America ?

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Why are my perspectives pretty much limited to myself and no others ?

    Is this the new internet, following the controlled sources of common information in the hope of predicting ćommon america telling us what to buy then selling it to us. Convincing yourselves your misguided perspective must work because we buy your slave made goods at your outlets in the ne america without our independence descending into a third world country.

    I'm thinking the only people your fooling are yourselves, and unless you restore fair customs and duty making an economic justification to make in America what america consumes while trading freely with the world, leading us back into the middle class country we were when we were elevating our magnitudes of literacy and quality of life.... The not too distant future will find you in a desperate situation you are incapable of resolving a peaceful solution, the collateral damage to all in society may suffer, but at the end of that time, you will be no more. Historically when your Monarchies were destroyed by Anarchy, you snuck off into new territories with gret wealth doing your thing to the places who accepted you or welcomed you as the United states of America did......but the world has grown a lot smaller the closer we look, hiding away in secular communities taking whatever you want from our monetary systems controlling the world banksters systems without accountability will only last so long, the blank spots on satellite maps expose your positions, modern Intel makes it an impossibility to continue positions of power using criminal minds to keep yourselves in power without being exposed. Your youth kept away from society combined with brainwashing elements of common man into doing your bidding may protect you in the interim period of unawareness you force on us by virtue of controlling the venues of information, but that too is exposed long before you are aware of the reality of common mans magnitude of literacy-----Far above that of your own society------You have basically one choice.......Change.....or......Perish

  • Jackie Cox commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Why do we allow the upper crust of the financial circus to remove our manufacturing infrastructure and close small family business sector, then attack the tiny sector of collective bargaining that used to protect us from employer abuse like Walmart who pay the average worker 10,000 per year, down from 12,000 a year in 2010,,,,, with our commandant election fraud perfecto babbles on ranting greatness for the Walton clan could pay their 7,000,000 + virtual slaves a 10,000 annual bonus and still have billions left over. Firing or worse for any servant who try to foster protective measures of the rampant human abuse by the Walton gang.

    To correct this destruction of our once independent nation the real lawmakers acting in our best interest could easily resurrect " Fair Customs and Duty " making importers pay the same accrued taxation as domestic producers, if they were still here. Then...economic justification to resurrect our engineering design manufacturing infrastructure would be present for America to once again make in America what we use (96%) while trading freely with the world, they way we were before Reagan began his attack on American collective bargaining, followed up by bushes NAFTA, followed up by Clinton's free trade with China, oblowme continues to assist NYSE predatory gangs financed by American banksters in their bid to bring us down, making way for the one world economy the return of nobility with its ugly sister SERVATUDE, in tandem with SLAVERY, the ne face of our world. A world controlled by the MOB or world class mafia, the several hundred billionaires, trillionaires and their proxies in government continuing predatory laws dividing the classes feeding on their world, abandoning nature denaturing our world, living lives of self seeking pleasure in their secular communities, forcing communism on common people, or worse.

    Time will see street gangs like MS-13 grow exponentially, with moxy and weapons of their own design, used to develop a common world of anarchy as we continue to descend until nobility in all forms are eliminated from earth. The elitist are too stupid to stop it, and they are currently jerking us around.

  • Jackie Cox commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    After consulting a for some 12 companies before 1972 I was out of country until 1994, returning to a country in decline as company after company were deported . Then Clinton executed free trade with China. The next 10 years saw the exodus of more than 42,000 companies with mor than 1,400 employees. This continuing exodus has left our nation struggling for 80% of jobs pay near or blow minimum wage! parallel to the trading clan taking profits offshore without taxation. Allowing it to happen is witness to criminality throughout our lawmaking process.

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