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Zintro Overview

“ A Google search returns web-sites and content.  A LinkedIn search returns peoples’ profiles.  A Zintro search returns private responses from subject matter experts ready to help address your business or technical needs.”

“ For the experts, Zintro makes it easy to start a dialog with prospects about projects ranging from  ½ hour ‘micro-consults’ to much larger engagements worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Zintro is a global platform that makes it easy for companies to start a conversation with over 200,000 highly specialized consultants and other professionals about potential consulting projects, phone consults or employment opportunities.

Specialization spans all industry sectors, technical disciplines, job functions and geographies.

Search engines are great if you are looking for web-pages but terrible if you are trying to find a person based on his/her areas of expertise and actually CONNECT with that person.

A Google search for “thermoplastic packaging expert” yields over 7,000,000 results including web-sites, articles, news stories and other content.  Trying to contact experts that way means you need to click on each, try to find a contact page, and then call or send an email. 

A search for “thermoplastic packaging expert” on LinkedIn yields about 1,000 people.  You need to go through them one by one, and send them an “in-mail” (which you have to pay for) when you don’t even know if they are qualified or interested in connecting.

Or you can go to Zintro...

Zintro works like this

1. Enter a brief description of your needs for a Project, Phone Consult or Job and Zintro will match it anonymously with the most relevant highly specialized Experts and Candidates in our platform.

2. Zintro matches that inquiry with the most relevant (typically a couple hundred) opted-in Experts in its network.

3. Within a few hours to a few days, typically 5-12 opted-in Experts & Candidates reply with a brief summary of their qualifications, a description about why they are a good fit, and a link to their full profiles.  

4. Communicate back and forth with your Project Expert or Job Candidate matches, qualify one another and shortlist the best ones, negotiate and agree to terms, and pay fees to Experts through Zintro.

To date more than 20,000 clients have processed inquiries through the platform.

Some recent real-life use:

  • A management consultant with a client researching the market potential of a highly specialized water treatment technology
  • A defense attorney looking for a blood spatter analysis expert for a murder trial
  • An e-commerce company executive evaluating different back-end payment processing platforms
  • An entrepreneur with a working prototype of a product that the user sprays onto dog poop to make it disappear within two minutes but needs to talk with a biochemist to do a viability study of a scalable manufacturing process [true story!]
  • A CEO of a biotech company seeking to engage highly specialized recombinant DNA experts for a two-month project
  • An opencast coal mine operator in New Zealand looking for a best practices safety audit
  • A startup CEO seeking help with marketing a new beverage in Latin America

The examples above all had successful outcomes on the Zintro platform. In each of those cases, the client took 90 seconds to send out a single inquiry to hundreds of relevant experts and received a half dozen or more responses in a few hours.  The resultant projects ranged from a 45 minute phone “micro-consult” to a $26,000 on-site engagement.

Zintro has a highly diverse set of clients including consultants, entrepreneurs, operating managers, analysts, researchers, lawyers, investors, journalists, engineers and  business development executives, who have processed inquiries through the platform.  Zintro clients are sourced through SEO, PPC, social media, online advertising, public relations, Zintro’s expert-written blog, referrals and other new and old school marketing tactics.

It is very easy (and free) to sign up as a Zintro Client. Click here to sign up or simply Post an Inquiry and you will be prompted to sign up thereafter.

The Expert or Candidate side

Why do experts opt-in?  Simple!  To generate leads for their business.  The leads can be for projects ranging from a “micro-consult” delivered over the phone worth $100 to the expert to a multi-month on-site project or job worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"Zintro provides consultants and subject-matter experts with the benefits of an online marketing program including SEO, PPC, Social Media at a fraction of the cost (or even free) and a fraction of the time commitment. The benefits are almost immediate – most experts have leads waiting for them right after completing their profile."

There is a whole world of potential opportunities outside of one’s personal network.  For example, there are millions of Google searches every month that include the words “consultant”, “expert”, “specialist”, etc. In many cases, these would be qualified leads for a Zintro expert. But most independent consultants, small consultancies, and other small businesses do not have access to them because it is too expensive to launch and time consuming to manage an on-line marketing campaign (SEO, PPC, on-line advertising, social media marketing, etc.).  Zintro invests heavily in online marketing best practices and delivers the benefits of such a campaign to its users.  Zintro users are effectively sharing the marketing costs with tens of thousands of other users.  Zintro is a highly effective intermediary for serving up free or inexpensive leads to subject matter experts.

Zintro’s 200,000+ active & engaged experts span every industry sector and include independent consultants, physicians, engineers, scientists, managers, vendors, job-seekers, and moonlighters from around the globe.  Zintro Experts are also sourced through SEO, PPC, social media, online advertising, public relations, Zintro’s Expert-written blog, referrals and other new and old school marketing tactics.

It is very easy (and free) to sign up as a Zintro Expert. Click here to sign up.

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