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Strategies for converting inquiries into engagements - "start a dialog"


The Zintro model for generating leads works very well, but you have to go into it with the right expectations. Think about it. For no cost, you receive leads for projects that range from brief micro-consults (delivered over the phone) to multi-month projects worth 10s or even 100s of thousands of dollars. These are FREE leads. But given the nature of these leads, there will not be a high closing rate off of the initial inquiry. Otherwise, Zintro would cost a lot of money. In the consulting world, a typical referral fee might be about 10% but Zintro charges 0% of project fees. Once you make the connection on the platform, you have no obligation to Zintro.  So keep that in mind as you set your strategy.

Which Inquiries should you respond to?

Most experts receive quite a few inquiries.  To convert leads into engagements requires a systematic approach to pushing them through the pipeline. First you have to decide which ones are worth pursuing. There are two schools of thought about this:  Some experts employ the philosophy of "it only takes a few seconds, I'll respond to all or most inquiries".  Others take the approach of "I will only respond to Inquiries that are exactly on point".  There is no right or wrong answer - experts have been successful using either approach.

It should also be noted that even though Zintro tries to filter out the junky inquiries and spam,  some "tire-kickers" slip through. Usually you can detect these by looking at a) the way it is written and b) the Client's profile.

How to respond to a client inquiry - "start a dialog"

The purpose of your response should be to try to "start a dialog" (over Zintro) with the Client by sending a zNote. Once a dialog is established, your chances of closing a deal increase significantly. Of course, you are not the only expert trying to do that for a given inquiry so your closing rate may not be too high. Assume it might take 15 minutes to half an hour a week to respond to incoming inquiries. So yes, there are some "soft dollar" costs to using Zintro as well as a very modest hard dollar cost if you choose to upgrade to Premium. But essentially, Zintro is a "free option".

Zintro really works!

Zintro experts win projects every week. Click here to see some Experts who have successfully turned Zintro Inquiries into engagements.   Hopefully you will secure a project soon. Keep in mind it only takes one successful outcome for the service to pay for itself many times over.

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