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Are there legal issues using Zintro?

The use of Zintro itself does not create any legal issues for Clients or Expert because Zintro is simply an infrastructure for introducing Clients to Experts. However, Clients and Experts are responsible for complying with all applicable employment, confidentiality, and/or no-disclosure agreements they are subject to, as well as any applicable securities laws and professional or fiduciary obligations. If you are unsure whether your use of Zintro is permissible, you should check with your Human Resources, Compliance, or Legal department. Also, as a general rule, Experts may not perform consults about the companies where they are employed.

Zintro’s (Client & Expert) Terms and Conditions and Expert Guidelines also govern what can and cannot be discussed during a consult. Experts and Clients should carefully review these documents before engaging in any consult.

See Zintro’s Legal Documents for specifics.

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