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How does Zintro work?

A client submits an inquiry for a Project, Phone Consult or Job on Zintro. If it passes our quality control process, we release it on the platform. See all active inquiries in BROWSE.

Once an inquiry is released, we send email notifications to experts that might be a good fit. As an expert, customized matching can be adjusted in MATCHES.

Experts can respond to the inquiry or refer it to other experts in their network. See our Referral Program.

Once experts respond to a client, the client will reply back, shortlist or decline experts. Experts are free to interact with clients and share all sorts of links, information and even attachments through CONVERSATIONS.

Once agreement on qualifications is reached, the expert submits a quote, using the $ icon in CONVERSATIONS. Once a client accepts the quote, the expert fee goes into escrow awaiting release by the client. We recommend always having a quote accepted before providing any services. A client cannot cancel a payment in escrow without our intervention. This increases security for both parties and allows us to mediate in case of a dispute. All payments  must be processed through the platform.

When the client releases the payment, we process it to you based on the payment preferences you setup in MY ACCOUNT.

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