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Why haven't I heard back from Clients?

One of the most common issues that Experts raise about Zintro is that they have responded back to several Clients and have not received a reply.  To understand why this sometimes happens, let's put ourselves in the shoes of the Client for a moment. The Client submits a single Inquiry which is systematically matched against multiple Experts.  Experts who are both interested and believe they are qualified, respond back by sending a zNote or Proposal.  These messages typically arrive within a day but can trickle in for many days or even weeks.  During that time, the Clients often time (even if they are polite and responsible people) do not necessarily feel a deep connection with the Experts who sent an initial reply to them.

The Clients, in many cases, then respond to a handful of Experts.  At that point, they feel a personal connection with those Experts and tend to be as responsive as any other prospect might be.  However, unfortunately,  some Clients do not take the time to respond to Experts they have not short-listed.  We are not making excuses for those Clients -- just trying to explain what we believe to be their thinking.  That said, I can assure you we are working on more user friendly software functionality that will make it faster & easier for clients to communicate back to all Experts.

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