1. Client should be able to edit their Inquiry after sending  ·  completed

  2. Stop bothering with your "matching skills" offers as it shows Zintro hopelessness. I deleted any need for future contacts.  ·  completed

  3. In search of the “Internet of Things” Holy Grail

  4. How to estimate the cost Oil & Gas Projects Using NoDoC cost models

  5. Smart Homes Get Smarter While the Battle for the Smart Resident Gets Tougher.

  6. I would like to host a Webinar around what changes we will see in the global foodservice industry after the Corona pandemic

  7. Designing an Effective Accounting System

  8. Have an upgrade option allowing the expert to pay from the first assignment got through Zintro.  ·  completed

  9. Add metrics on inquiries - broken down by industry, profession, geography, type, value, ,etc.  ·  under review

  10. I have responded multiple times to inquiries and only once received any response at all. No work of any kind. Can I get feedback as to why?  ·  declined

  11. Remote proctoring solution

  12. We are direct providers of Fresh Cut BG, SBLC

  13. Example Profile Summary: Econometricians

  14. The Food Chain–Papers, Possessions, and Precision Agriculture in a Cloudy Environment

  15. 5 Strategies to Improve Project Outcomes

  16. Inquiries are not relevant to my expertise  ·  completed

  17. Ligher Website & Mobile App/Mobile Website Version  ·  completed

  18. Make it easier to contact a human at Zintro who can explain your procedures to experts contacted by potential clients.  ·  completed

  19. EU IT Imaging Report | peer60

  20. New Technology = New Skiils = New £$£

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